A downloadable A Horde Too Many for Windows

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors try to build a safe haven to call home. They must gather supplies, develop their base and carefully chose who to trust while surviving through never-ending hordes of zombies... Before one of those hordes becomes A Horde Too Many!


Collect unique survivors and strategically pick your team of apocalypse-hardened characters to fight through the outstanding amount of living dead that are trying to get your brains for a snack. Keep your base camp safe and develop your defenses while growing a community of bad-asses that you can command into the constant fight for survival.

Explore the wastelands in search of supplies and face the unexpected dangers of the post-apocalyptic world of A Horde Too Many in a combination of Tower Defense and Survival RPG elements.


  • COLLECT dozens of characters with unique weapons and skills
  • DEFEND your base against never-ending hordes of undead threats
  • EXPLORE the vast wastelands through several deadly environments
  • UPGRADE your defenses and expand your camp by spending supplies
  • MANAGE your resources and decide who gets to live another day
  • TEAM UP and face dangerous missions controlling four survivors at once
  • SURVIVE through the daily challenges of a post-apocalyptic world
  • CHALLENGE yourself in a time-trial competitive action survival mode

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Developed by Digitality Studios and 93Bits Studio

Install instructions

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AHTM_v0.9.4.zip 320 MB

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Love it!! The art, music, characters, story and gameplay is so perfect. I enjoyed this game and thank you for making it

Not bad...

Gave it a go...

Great game! Love the art style! 

:D good game

Thank you so much for your continued support over the last year! While development has been slow, we're proud to present you a new build that showcases a little more of what we're doing behind the stage! Check it out!

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The Friendless Couple play A Horde Too Many!

Loved playing this little gem. Sad that it's just a demo and I only was able to get up to the really good stuff, but here's our video on it!

Would like to see what the finished version winds up looking like. At the moment the core gameplay is good but not interesting enough to hold interest.

Gameplay Video #2

Gameplay Video:

I had a lot of fun playing this game so far! I did some serious editing towards the end! Enjoy!

I really enjoyed this game so far excited to play a finished version eventually

Okay, finished it as far as yet possible :-)

probably some safe function would be cool.
Wanted to save the game so that I don't need to redo all the dialog but pressing escape brought me back to the main menu. :-(


I just wrote some stuff about the game on its gamejolt page. But I wanted to say some more stuff :D

I found out a curious thing while playing the game. If you press spacebar, you're able to speed the game up as like you can playing old Gameboy games on PC using an emulator. What's that mechanic for?

The game's really fun! I can't wait to see the more fleshed out version of it with more options! Good luck with its development and Greenlight! :D

I made a video on this game if someone wants to see some real life reactions to it here: