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What is Horde Tactics?

Horde Tactics is a complete card game adaptation of the world, lore and mechanics of A Horde Too Many, a Side-Scrolling Post-Apocalyptic RPG that is currently being Kickstarted by our indie game development studio.

We wanted to give something back to the community, and not just months away from now. Horde Tactics was the answer!

Crowdfunding is a magical way to turn the impossible into possible through the power of community-building and mutual trust. That said, we weren't fond of the fact that in most cases it had to be the community to take a leap of faith towards the success of a project. Everyone understands why it has to work that way for most cases, but we decided to put our heads together and question ourselves if we really had to fit in "most cases".

Short answer? Nope!

While we can't finish our big project in two months, we took our own leap of faith and invested our time and money to create a complete tabletop adaptation based in the world, lore and mechanics of A Horde Too Many and we made it a full featured collectible card game as an exclusive Kickstarter reward!

But it wasn't enough!

We knew we could get our cards and boxes printed and delivered soon after our campaign was over, but we didn't want to settle for "soon after", so we rolled up our sleeves once more and also turned it into a full featured DIGITAL collectible card game that you can play online right now!

Install instructions

Simply download the file, unzip it and run "Horde Tactics v0.01.exe"


Horde Tactics Online.zip 73 MB


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I enjoyed it, I played A Horde Too Many first to learn about the base game and the characters a little bit.  And it's fun, a little bare bones at the moment, but the cards all work well, simple but good animations and good gameplay.  I only tried the base deck, no building myself, but it looks really well put together, and could be a fully fledged game that I think could catch on.  Great work :)


can i play it offline?

Yes you can! Matching vs AI is completely offline, feel free to create decks and try them out!

I can't play a game against AI. It just keeps loading. I've waited about 20 minutes. (I left and came back)

Hello Deppo, sorry to hear you're having issues, let me try to help you out!

The first thing that may help is to re-download the game as we released a few bugfixes just yesterday. The second thing I would need to know is if you have tried to create a deck and then match vs AI to see if that helps you start the game? Matching vs AI is completely offline so there should not be an issue there, so I'm guessing it's one of the bugs we fixed and creating a new deck might fix the issue!

the tutorial keeps bugging out and I cant play any cards


Hello Extra! Can you please describe what the issue is in more detail? Where does the tutorial bug out for you?

It will only allow you to use the specific card or do the specific action it is asking you to do, so you should have no problems finishing it as long as you follow the instructions. If you get back to us we'll certainly help you fix the issue :)


When Im playing the tutorial and I reach the point where it tells me to use my Machine gunner card against the opponents  flamer (Sorry if I get these names worng) it doesnt let me play it.


After a few hours of debugging around that section I was finally able to replicate the issue! Thank you for reporting the bug!

I assume you're running the game at a resolution different from 16:9, could you let me know what resolution you're running the game at and if you're using windowed or fullscreen mode? We found an issue with the hitbox of that section of the tutorial with different resolutions, we're fixing it right now.

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1080p resolution at full screen, Glad to help!